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 The American public has been asked to either sacrifice a livable planet or cast aside thousands of workers, their families, and the local economies they support.
This is a false choice.


Whether it's an oil field in the Permian or a future offshore wind farm in the Gulf of Mexico, American energy workers keep the lights on.  Politicians and pundits spend a lot of time talking about America’s energy workers, but has anyone asked them?  


True Transition is an organization with two primary missions.


1. Secure a seat at the table for energy workers. We are speaking directly to oil and gas workers throughout the United States about their working conditions, their training and compensation needs, and their hopes for tomorrow's industries. They deserve a seat at the table, because they built the table. 


​2. Create the jobs and conditions of the energy transition. We are a public policy collaborative identifying where oil and gas workers' skills are needed most and writing the policies to make those jobs and laws a reality. We are working to make sure that workers can seamlessly transition into emerging fields with training and full interim support. And finally, we are working to make sure that future energy jobs pay well and support American families and communities. 


What workers say...

I could go work for [a small operator] but they work people up to like 20 hours a day -- they work people to the bone because they don’t plan very well. They also don’t pay you for more than 18 hrs of work per day and they do weird stuff with the money like they’ll move 8 hours of overtime from one shift to the next day’s shift so you get paid straight time instead of OT.
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the cleanup is the transition

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